Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fantasy run

Yesterday I aborted my morning run, came home after about a mile, did some chores, then worked on a sewing project that was becoming a problem. I gave up in frustration and decided to walk on the deadmill. I ended up running 3 miles and figuring out my sewing problem! It's funny how running can allow me to work on a problem and find a solution.
And now we come to today's subject-my fantasy runs. I have 2. The first is something I've been thinking a lot about lately since we will not be taking a vacation this year. Yes, even retirees look forward to their vacations!
In 1998, Hubby and I took the first of several trips to Tahiti. My favorite island is Bora Bora. It has a road that circles the island encompassing just a tick over 20 miles and it's pretty flat, with one tiny hill. One year we walked around the entire island. My fantasy is to run around the island. I would start at dawn in order to avoid the heat, and Hubby would be in a rental car, waiting for me every few miles with Gatorade and bananas. I would do it on a Sunday to avoid traffic, but even on a week day there isn't much traffic to worry about. I think 20 miles is doable, especially when I'm doing it on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

My second fantasy run, a new idea for me, is to run the Edinburgh marathon. Not that I'm saying I WOULD run a marathon; I'm just saying IF! I think it's the only way I could get the Hubster behind the idea of a marathon, since we would have a pretty nice vacation thrown into the deal. And Scotland is the home of my ancestors, since I'm a descendant of Robert the Bruce, thus his picture on this post. Yes, I have royal Scottish blood in my veins. No curtsying necessary at the moment, since I'm not currently wearing my tiara.

So, faithful readers, consider this: money and time are not a hindrance. You can run anywhere, any time, in the world. What's your fantasy? Run around the pyramids in Egypt? Up and down the Eiffel tower, perhaps? Along the great Wall of China? What would you do if the entire planet was your own personal running course?


BeachRunner said...

I would run the Amalfi Drive (sans vehicular traffic of course) in Italy with my wife. We would stop to stay overnight in each town along the way (Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, etc) and recharge with a great italian dinner overlooking the mediterranean and highlighted with ice cold limoncello or a wonderful bottle of red tuscan wine.

robison52 said...

My ancestors are from Ireland, hence I would love to do some "fell" running in Ireland someday. I have no idea how I could afford such a trip, so it's a big IF, but I can dream.

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, now you've piqued my interest, being a former Flight Attendant, I have run around some of the above, (not necissarily in a race, LOL),


I'd run Edinburgh sometime with mother was from Pebbles....

Lily on the Road said...

opps, sorry about the typo's....hahaha