Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I did 6 friggin miles on the friggin treadmill; hated every second but I did it anyway. That's the longest I've done to date on a treadmill-blegh!

So, faithful readers, maybe we need some jokes to rid ourselves of the nasty faux run treadmill taste we are left with this morning.

A blonde refuses to sign up for her company's 401k. When her manager asks her why she won't participate, she says, "Oh, I could never do a 401k. Do you have any idea how far that is to run?"

A runner, new to the sport, is doing a few miles down a country road. As he runs by a pasture, he sees 2 horses, a white one and a black one. he hears a voice: "You're leaning too far forward. And bring your elbows in closer to your body. And relax your shoulders." He realizes the voice is coming from the white horse. The man runs into a nearby village and goes into a pub for a drink of water. He tells the bartender about the horses and that one talked to him and critiqued his running. The bartender asks, "Which horse was it-the white one or the black one?" The man answers that it was the white one. The bartender responds, "That's good, because the black one doesn't know squat about running."

Feel free to share your own favorite jokes. Keep it clean. Children may be present.


BeachRunner said...

LOL. I needed a good laugh today. Good job managing the 'mill.

The Running Bob said...

treadmill running -- I just space-out listening to music or envisioning I'm in the music video playing on the monitors above me. Pathetically, I was content doing 18 and 20 milers on the mill.

Lily on the Road said...

Can't imagine running that on the Thrillmill, good for you.

I LOVED the joke, now that is funny & cute...