Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The will to win

I did a really nice, easy 6.5 miles today. I was scheduled for 6 miles but the morning was so nice and I felt so good I just kept running. I figure it's a confidence run for my 10k in 2 weeks. I even managed a negative split by keeping the pace on the slow side for the first 3 miles then picking up the pace just a bit for the finish. It's all good...

"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare". I don't remember where I saw that quote but it's one of my favorites. I think about it when I consider blowing off a run. Elite athletes don't blow off runs; they train daily and hard. I'm not an elite athlete and I don't mean to compare myself to them. But if I want to race and do my best, as slow as my best is by most standards, then I can't blow off the training. I learned that lesson the hard way at my 1/2 marathon. I know I was undertrained and I suffered for it.

I know I'm not going to win races. But I can improve my performance. I do have goals in mind-a sub 1 hour 10k would be nice; and a 25 minute 5k. I would like to complete a marathon-no time goal, just finishing would be nice. Wishing for it won't get me there. Training will.


BeachRunner said...

Great job on the run. Those are great goals. Keep on running and having fun.

robison52 said...

Nice easy 6.5 miles?!? Who said this "On this date in 2006, my journal says, "ran the full distance of Eucalyptus road, twice, without stopping!" That makes it the first full mile without walking breaks. I remember telling Hubby I had no intention of racing or running more than 5 miles; I just wanted something I could be passionate about and that would help me stay healthy."?? You've come so far and your future goals are so doable!