Friday, August 1, 2008

Warmer weather

I didn't manage to drag my lazy butt out of bed for a 6 am run; hit the road closer to 8 am and it was warmer today. I did finish my scheduled 9 mile run but I was pretty slow with an almost 12 min. pace. I figure it was still good considering the heat. I stashed a water bottle in the inlaw's mailbox, so every 3 miles I had a nice water break. I guess my beloved foggy mornings are gone at least until September.


BeachRunner said...

Great 9 miler and really smart move on the water stashes.

robison52 said...

It's better to run according to your effort, not to some pre-perceived pace, the warm weather makes the effort and pace more difficult. Good job hanging tough and finishing your workout rather than blowing it off because of the later time.