Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Week

This week has been crazy so far and will continue to be crazy into the weekend. I did manage to stay on track with my scheduled runs and the new shoes were exactly what I needed. I ran 5 miles yesterday at a slow pace, and no aches or pains, even my hips felt okay. Yay for new shoes! I've been running really early in the mornings, around 6 am and I really enjoy it. There's been a heavy fog that almost feels like a light rain when you run through it; extremely cool and very quiet. If I can continue to drag my lazy butt out of bed at that hour, I will.

I spent all day yesterday at the county fair with the nephews. We went on all the rides, ate crap all day long, and had great fun. When I go to the fair with Hubby, it's a completely different kind of day-we look at the displays, go through all the animal barns (I love critters), admire the quilts and table settings, and we usually pack our own lunch because we don't eat fair food.

With the nephews, I learned to appreciate a completely different aspect of the fair. They have no interest in quilts or table settings. The boys are much more impressed by the world's biggest hog and the roller coasters. Give them churros and some rather nasty looking lemonade (it's almost neon yellow, I doubt there's any actual lemon in the stuff!) and their day is perfect.

I'm swapping my run today with a rest day; I didn't get home til almost midnight and I'm feeling the lack of sleep.

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