Sunday, July 13, 2008

Car Show

Today was a rest day, no running which was nice because my day started around 5:30 am. We took the Allard to a car show; it was in San Luis Obispo, and all European cars, sponsored by the Mercedes Benz club. I like European shows; that's what we are most interested in, as opposed to hot rods or American cars.

So the mix of makes and models was really nice-lots of British and German iron, a few Italian cars, and some very nice vintage motorcycles. I spent a whole day this week detailing the Allard. It's hard work but one of my favorite things to do. I have the radio on my favorite station and it's just me, the car, and a toothbrush-now that's detailing a car.

We knew a lot of the people at the car show. It's just one of those things-if you spend 30 or so years going to car shows, vintage races, and auctions, you get to know a few people. And the Allard won best in class! So we spent the day visiting with friends at a beautiful park, had a nice lunch, and came home with a trophy-it's all good!

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