Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today was an easy 4 miler, the first run since my half mary on Saturday. I ignored pace, hr, everything and just ran and it was terrific. I'll spend the rest of this week just running for fun, no longer than 6 milers, then next week I start a base building plan. I downloaded a marathon training plan by Hal Higdon for advanced novices and I really like the plan, the good thing is that since I'm using it to build mileage and not train for a race, if I have trouble with a particular week I can just repeat it until I feel comfortable with it.

I've discovered that my personal weak point is my hips. I have absolutely no pain at all in my ankles or knees; if a run is going to be painful I feel it in my hips. So Hubby knows this and will ask me how my hips feel after a long run. After the race my hips ached all day and into the next day. Hubby told me that maybe I have hip dysplasia and if it gets worse, maybe he'll have to take me to the vet and have me put down. He was just joking.

At least, I think he was just joking..

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