Saturday, July 26, 2008

New shoes!

I made it to my friendly neighborhood running store this morning, which means new shoes for me-yay! I love new shoes. It amazes me how much difference they can make. My last couple of runs really sucked, my legs just really ached afterwards, so I'm hoping the new shoes are the answer. I'm dying to try them out. I got exactly the same kind I've purchased the last 2 times, so these will be my third pair of trusty Asics gels, same size, same everything, even same color. I tried on some shoes on sale, considered a pair that were a half size smaller than I've been wearing, then talked myself out of them. I would have saved about 20 bucks, but then, why change something if it's working well?

I just wish I had taken one of my old pairs in to the store. They have a big bin for used running shoes that they donate to the needy. I guess Goodwill will serve the same purpose..

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BeachRunner said...

The right shoes are soooo important. Good luck with the new kicks.