Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today was a nice relaxed 5 miler. The mornings have been cool and overcast, perfect for running. And the quail are everywhere! They crack me up. The get so frantic and they just don't know where to run when they see me coming.

We got a call from a friend telling us that a picture of Hubby's Allard was printed in the latest edition of Classic Motorsports, a vintage car magazine. The picture was taken last year at the Carmel car show we attended. I was glad to see the Allard get a little recognition. The Allard is the yellow car in the foreground; the car we were parked next to is a beautifully restored Cunningham.

I never drive the Allard. It handles horribly and it's very unpredictable; that's why we've named it Grendel. I can pretty much drive anything-stick, right hand drive, you name it, but I know my limitations as a driver and I have a healthy respect for the Allard. Even the guys that drive in vintage races talk about how hard it is to drive Allards. They are amazing to watch on the track. You hear them before you see them-a deep, earth shaking rumble. In their day, they were the fastest cars on the track. We go to Laguna Seca every year for the vintage races and the Allards are always a highlight for us.


BeachRunner said...

Nice run. You are so lucky to have cool weather for running. We are suffering here. And that Allard is a beauty!

Baxter said...

Classic Motorsports is on the web at http://classicmotorsports.net. Anyone who's unfamiliar with the magazine can request a free issue.