Sunday, July 20, 2008

Party like it's 1582

I didn't run today or yesterday. Yesterday was a rest day, today is crosstraining; and I'm so tired right now I'll have to think about doing the elliptical. If walking counts as crosstraining then I've done more than enough.

We spent all day today at our local renaissance fair. Yes, we dress up, me in my home made period dress for a lower class merchant woman, Hubby in his kilt. It's just so much more fun to go in period dress. It gives adults an excuse to dress up and act out of character. Everyone is very friendly and I love watching the performances, especially the jousting. Most of the people there are adept at speaking in the true manner of the Elizabethan period and it never fails to make me giggle when they greet me "Good morrow, my lady".

If you have a renaissance fair near you, you should go. You don't have to dress up unless you want to and it's lots of fun.

That's why I'm so tired-I spent the whole day walking. To heck with the elliptical.

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Sherri said...

We did a renaissance fair once and it was fun! We didn't dress up though. I wanted too but the gals I went with didn't have anything.
Rest up. Listen to your tired body.