Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stuff they get wrong on TV

4 easy miles today. I came home to find ants on my kitchen counters-again. Honestly, I'm ready to go all out Caddyshack on them. I've tried the organic stuff like lemon juice and bay leaves; resorted to bug bombing the whole house which made them disappear for a few weeks. I didn't realize they were just pulling back and waiting for reinforcements.

So, faithful readers, we get to the subject of this post. There are certain things that movies and TV just don't get right. It's been a thorn in my side for years that TVand movie people don't realize that car tires won't make loud, screeching, rubber burning sounds on a dirt road, or that a tiny little british sports car with a 4 banger engine (think early MG, Austin Healey, and such) will not sound like a 12 cylinder Ferrari in race ready condition. They don't understand that if they are showing a person driving a car, and he is having a conversation with his passenger, then the driver should probably NOT be looking at the passenger the whole time with only occasional glimpses at the road, like "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be driving a car here."

And please, oh please stop the ridiculous movie practice of someone dismounting a horse and just dropping the reins and walking away. Just stop it. Nobody does that.

Now to my point. Since I'm a runner now, I'm a bit sensitive about the stupid stuff movie people do with running. I just watched a TV cop/detective show, one of the gazillion or so currently on the networks. And they have a girl who is running a marathon. So they show her finishing the race. She comes in to view and crosses the finish line running like a ballerina tripping lightly across the stage. Her hair and makeup are perfect and-this is the part that gets me-there isn't a drop of sweat on her body. Her shirt is perfectly dry; no sweat dripping into her eyeballs; no armpit stains; nothing. She crosses the finish line, gives a couple of dainty little gasps and voila! She's done! So apparently she stopped off at a spa and got her hair done, got a facial, and changed clothes before she finished the race. I don't know about you guys but I always look like death warmed over after a race of any distance.

The least they could have done was spray her down a bit with some faux Hollywood sweat.


BeachRunner said...

ROFL. How about movie fights where people get kicked or punched in the face over and over again, only to keep on fighting? Or someone gets "knocked out" with a simple blow to the head, and then they are perfectly fine when they "wake up". Or how about ducking and dodging to avoid bullets being fired - are you kidding me?

Good job on the 4 miler.

The Running Bob said...

Finally, someone who could relate! Did you see the movie, "The Long Run" (2000)? It's a movie about the Comrades Marathon, an ultra-marathon, but as I recall the movie showed it as a 26.2 marathon.

It's a very bad movie typically shown on a Saturday morning which will leave you laughing or annoying your spouse as you sporadically yell, "Tatiano" or some name like that. I annoyed my wife with my outburst as our marathon approached, "Tatiano, you could do it....NO, NO! you're going too fast! ... NO, Tationo, don't run the hill! It will kill you!"

Lily on the Road said...

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for stopping by my blog, don't be a stranger!

You are cracking me up, I totally understand about dismounting and dropping the reins...my jumper would have seen that as a great excuse to bolt right out of the ring, or huntfield....hahahaha,

As for running with makeup on, holy hannah, I too look like death warmed over, or sweatdrenched when I finish running, whether a marathon or 2K, yes, Hollywood, it's real isn't it? LOL....