Monday, August 18, 2008

The Olympics

I did a pretty good 3 miler at a fast pace (fast for me). This week is a taper so I don't know exactly what I'll do the rest of the week, I just know I'll be cutting back on the miles.

Hubby and I have been glued to the telly watching the Olympics. I have enjoyed the swimming and gymnastics, and we've been teased with bits of other sports like rowing and fencing. I just wish the powers that be would televise the more unusual sports. They could at least report on archery and target shooting and the equestrian events but we don't hear about an event unless the USA is a medal contender. I would like to see the event even if an American isn't competing. I remember years ago when the Hubster and I were on vacation in London during the Australian Olympics in 2000. They reported on all sorts of sports that my friends back home never heard about, and we could switch to a German or Italian channel and see even more stuff.

I understand that it's a ratings thing, and most people want to see Michael Phelps and the gymnasts. I'm just saying there's a lot more to the Olympics than just a handful of sports.

At least the coverage of the track events seems pretty good so far. I got a bit emotional watching the Romanian woman win the marathon. That was good stuff.


BeachRunner said...

I agree. I want to see ALL the great athletes, whether they are American or not. And it would be nice to see more of the "other" events.

Great job with your runs, btw.

The Running Bob said...

Yea! More lawn dart coverage!

robison52 said...

I was emotional for the Romanian woman as well, but could really feel Paula Radcliffe's pain. Hard to accomplish as much as I wish with the Olympics going on...but, it is only every four years.