Sunday, September 7, 2008


Does digging post holes for a fence count as cross training? That's what I did all day Saturday, with a little concrete busting thrown in to the deal. I really felt it in my arms and abs. Sunday I was going to either a) do some easy cross training on the elliptical, or b) go for an easy 3 mile run. I ended up doing neither. Hubby and I woke up really late, watched telly a bit with my morning coffee, then decided to heck with our plans today, let's go to Ventura for some antique shopping.

We had a leisurely drive down the coast then split up in Ventura-Hubby headed for the gun show, I went to my favorite street loaded with antique and second hand shops. I ended up spending most of the day visiting with 2 of my favorite people in the antique world; Arthur and his wife Darlene run a very nice little shop filled with good quality antique furniture and old stained glass panels. I've purchase lots of stuff from them and we spend most of our time swapping stories about travelling in Great Britain and Europe. After wandering through their shop as well as a dozen or so others, I still managed to come home empty handed.

Sadly, so many "antique" shops around here are second rate. The merchandise is nothing special, and I have to dig through lots of useless stuff to find the gems I'm looking for. After years of combing shops for antiques I've become very particular about what I will buy. I considered a pretty decent bird's eye maple chair and a nice old serving dish; I finally said no to both and walked away with nothing more for my efforts than a Subway sandwich to split with hubby. You would think after going through that many stores I could have found something worth buying!

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BeachRunner said...

Shopping and coming up empty beats buying a P.O.S. you will never enjoy.

And digging post holes beats being poked in the eye with a sharp stick (and counts as strength training in my book). Nice work.