Thursday, September 4, 2008

Running tragedy

I did 3 miles this morning, got up early enough that I could take advantage of the cool weather. I didn't really push the pace, but it felt about average for me, and I'm still seeing the really low avg. heart rate-it was a shocking 94. This is the 4th run with a low hr. Next week is a fall back week; after that I think I'm going to have to start doing speed work again. I'm definitely not getting much of a cardio workout.

A runner in Santa Barbara was struck and killed Saturday by a drunk driver. This poor woman was doing everything right. She was with a group of 30 runners, at 7:30 am, in the bike lane and running facing traffic. A drunk driver drifted into the bike lane and killed her. The group was with Team in Training.

I truly, truly hate drunk drivers. I have been forced to change my running routes because of them. I worry about Hubby on his daily commute, since he drives a tiny little Mini Cooper (73 vintage). I see these people on the telly, in court pleading not guilty, and I wonder about their choices. I know that your ability to make decisions when you're drunk is compromised. So, how about this-if you will need to drive home, DON'T DRINK! Just don't have that first glass of wine or beer or whatever.

I truly enjoy drinking wine, and occasionally beer. Hubby doesn't drink at all, so I have a built in designated driver. If I'm out with the girls, without the Hubster, I just don't drink alcohol, not even one little glass of wine.

Just be really careful out there, faithful readers. Stay safe.


BeachRunner said...

Amen again sista! So sad about that runner's tragic and senseless death.

Nice 3 miler. But 94 bpm? Holy low HR Batman! Maybe you need to up the pace a bit to get that HR going.

robison52 said...

Las Vegas frequently has deaths of cyclists, runners, and pedestrians due to drunk drivers...not surprising as Vegas is a 24/7 drinking town, bars never close, Liquor Stores are always open and no open container law (you can drink liquour on the sidewalk). Next spring I hope to run back and forth to work (8.5 miles one way) and will traverse a safer, but longer side route for safety sake.

What is your maximum heart rate anyway as 94 bpm seems very low. Your aerobic zone is 60-75% of your MHR.

Sherri said...

oh man, that sucks and is so sad!! a tradegy indeed.

Lily on the Road said...

What a sensless tragedy, sensless...

How sad for her family, friends and team mates...I'm so sorry to hear this.