Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I can't believe I ate the whole thing

Yesterday was an interesting run. Normally I would do a 4 miler, but I felt so good and the morning was so perfect for running, I decided to do my 6 miler instead. And dam if I didn't end up doing 7 miles! I hit the 6 mile mark, felt pretty strong, and decided to add a mile just for fun. I probably could have done 8.

This weekend we went to a harvest festival in a nearby town. It's the usual small town stuff, Boy Scouts selling shaved ice, Girl Scouts selling cotton candy, home made crafts booths and so on. We decided to hit our favorite restaurant for lunch, and I got a wild hair up my rear and ordered a chili size-you all know what that is, hopefully; a tasty concoction of chili, a hamburger patty, and toasted bun; all topped off with cheese and onions and a ginormous side of fries. This thing was huge even by current restaurant standards. The waitress raised an eyebrow when I ordered and gave me a look that said, "bigger people than you have tackled this one and failed." I figured what the heck, worst case scenario, I end up taking half of it home for dinner.

So I tucked into my chili size,and Hubby laid waste to his westernburger (anything with barbeque sauce on it has western in its name. It's a rule here in California). I kept eating and talking, eating and talking, and suddenly my plate is empty. The waitress came by to refill my iced tea, and now I received a look of shocked admiration. "You go, girl," she said. "You're so thin-how do you do it?"
"I'm a runner. " I replied. Hubby added "She runs a lot."

Mind you, I rarely do this kind of thing, I'm really extremely careful about what I eat. I almost always take in to account the "big 3" that are banned from my diet-sugar, salt, and fat. I'm thinking that I didn't have too much sugar to worry about in this meal, but the salt and fat are probably more than I eat in a week-seriously. But it's all good; we have to treat ourselves occasionally, and one huge over the top meal is ok if I have months and months of sensible, careful eating. And, I did skip the sugar in my iced tea, so perhaps that balanced out the chili size?


DuckvilleRunner said...

You have to do that every so often, it is what keeps us sane. You deserve a treat. I will quit drooling while thinking about it.

BeachRunner said...

Way to go on a great run and a ginormously good meal afterwards. I agree it was well deserved.