Friday, September 5, 2008

The running force

The running gods smiled upon me today. I did a really good 10 miler, no walking breaks except to cross a couple of busy streets. Otherwise, I just ran at a comfy pace, just let my body do what it's been trained to do. It was very cool and foggy and that helped; cold enough that I should have worn gloves. I wish every run could be like this. When I thought about taking a walking break, I imagined Obi Wan Kenobi's voice, telling me "Use the running force, Luke Snailrunner. The force is strong within you." That of course led to a whole Star Wars fantasy with me brandishing a light saber and saving the universe. I always imagine myself as a female Luke, rather than Princess Leia. I just don't think I would look good in a brass bikini.

I figured out my low heart rate thing. It's not me; it's the heart rate strap. I knew something was seriously out of whack when I saw my avg heart rate for this run-36! So then it occurred to me that I've never replaced the battery in the strap. Duh!


BeachRunner said...

Great run Princess Tanya. U go girl!
LOL about the strap/battery. Sounds like a move I would make.

Sherri said...

sounds like a great run. Needing gloves already, I can only wish! It was cool this morning for me but didn't take long to warm up.