Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy weekend

I did an easy 4 miler today, picked up the pace a bit just for fun. Yet again I forgot my gloves! We had 3 potucks this weekend! My favorite was our Scottish Society. Those ladies know how to potluck. The only way I survived it was to take just 1 bite of everything; sort of like a Costco style potluck, and calories be damned! And apparently, Mr. Garmie visited the Congo last night while he was on the charger, because that's the map that came up this morning when I downloaded my run. The least he could have done was to bring me a souvenir, at least a snow globe...

I had a doctors appointment today. My doc is a runner, and while we usually spend a little time talking about running, today was more so than usual. After discussing shoes, orthotics, training plans, whether walk breaks are worth it (we both think yes), the last race we both did, and his college days of running, it finally occurred to us that we hadn't talked about the usual stuff people talk about in a doctor's exam room! It was sort of like, "Oh, yeah, there's another reason we're both here...". I'm pretty sure he doesn't have many patients that share his passion for running. It pleases me that he'll never be the kind of doctor who will tell me, ya know, maybe you should cut back on the running.

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BeachRunner said...

Sounds like you have a great doctor and a messed up Garmie.