Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Be a child tomorrow

It's almost Christmas! My shopping is done-barely; I finished yesterday. I will be baking pies and tidying up the old homestead today, and waging war yet again with the ants who have decided that my kitchen is their new winter home. If I could find a roll of very, very tiny razor wire I'd put it up.

So, faithful readers, how do we celebrate Christmas? I propose that tomorrow we celebrate it like children. Not the perfect, well dressed and mannerly children we see on Christmas cards, but like we did when you and I were actually kids. Let's sing Jingle Bells as loud as possible with the Batman lyrics. Let's be horribly ungrateful for practical gifts like socks and sweaters and barely mumble "thanks" when we get them (unless, of course, they're very nice running socks!). I intend to pile as many ribbons as possible on top of my head and see if I can walk around the room, runway model style. I'm going to play with the boxes as much as I play with the toys. I'll insist on pumpkin pie for breakfast and I will squirt the whipped cream straight into my mouth and then show it to Hubby. I think that we should all, at least once, be a silly, ridiculous, over the top funny kid tomorrow. Consider it a Christmas present to yourself! And best of all, if you can possible manage it, run like you did when you were 10 years old. Leave the Garmin and the Ipod at home and just run. Don't think of anything but how good it feels to just run. Try to run as fast as you possibly can and imagine that you're racing with your best friend. It may be the best gift you give yourself. Merry Christmas, everyone!


spirit_in_me said...

Thanks for that post Tanya, I needed that little chuckle. I am in on being a kid tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

SuperDave said...

Merry Christmas Tanya!
I'm a kid @ 38 everyday of my life. haha
Just caught that you hit 1000 miles for the year. Holy Cow!!!!
Awesome and 40 degrees is not freaking cold. California girl...
Hope you have a great day today!!

greentigress said...

Merry Christmas for yesterday Tanya, Or today as well as it's boxing day... I was a huge kid this year of the drunk teenager variety....! lol

BeachRunner said...

I hope you had a very merry Christmas, Tanya. I wish you all the best in 2009.