Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hubby is a genius!

My blog is fixed! Hubby, brilliant man that he is, fixed it for me-open a couple of windows, left click here, right click there, and voila! I'm back, baby!

So-as mentioned before, not much going on running wise, as I'm taking a couple of days off. I did a "30-30' yesterday-30 minutes on the ellipticall, followed by 30 minutes at a very slow pace on the deadmill. I really noticed the elliptical-I had sore muscles that I usually never get from running.

So, faithful readers, lets talk about some random, totally un-running related subjects:

Bruce-what the heck is up with your weather in Vegas? I saw the pictures on line and you guys had snow! Just how often does that happen?

I also heard that Drew Peterson, the "gentleman" with various missing and deceased wives, is currently engaged. So my question is not about him but rather about the lady that is his betrothed? I wonder what her thinking is-"Gosh, one wife died under highly suspicious circumstances, the other is missing; but he seems so nice...

Well, folks, that's all I have to ponder. Discuss among yourselves!!


The Running Bob said...

My god you got to be kidding? The guy from Chicago is engaged? I get him confused with the Lacy Peterson guy. What's with December and weirdness?

On a running hiatus?

Another question for Bruce: I know in Kentucky people aren't used to driving in the snow, but how was it in Vegas?

WendyBird said...

In a world where people kill themselves, cut themselves, and pierce all kinds of weird things, someone being attracted to a lost cause probably isn't all that odd. My husband was a prison guard when he was in his early 20's and you wouldn't believe the number of women that find criminals alluring.

Lily on the Road said...

Glad you are back in blog land!

I'd never heard of Drew Peterson, so I googled him, YIKES!! He is too slick in his interviews...cop!

Maybe he should spend some quality time with "Dexter"....then the truth would come out ...


robison52 said...

Yup, for two days Las Vegas received snow!! The last time Vegas had "measureable" snow was FIVE years ago! I have to admit, the snow helped my cabbie income as many didn't want to walk even a block.

Running Bob, you wouldn't believe the number of traffic accidents we had during the snow...what do they do in a skid? Yup, SLAM on the brakes! Vegans also love to tailgate on the highway causing multiple pileups. Most of the residents in Vegas are transplanted Californians, hence we always unjustly blame them. I'm originally from Lansing, Michigan and can drive in any weather conditions with no problems.

Also, Las Vegas airport, McCarren Airport, was closed during the snow because they don't have de-icing equipment for the planes nor snow plows for the runways.

Bob Hazen said...


It took me a while, but I just finished reading your blog from the start to your last post. I love every word written! In fact you've kept me from writing in my blog since I was spending all my free time reading your's! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see your comments and thoughts as you work toward your Vegas 26!

Good Luck!