Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas season

Man, it's getting busy around here! I've managed to fit in a couple of 4 milers lately but not much more in the way of running. Even if I get up at the crack of dawn and slog away on the treadmill, I still don't have time to do a decent long run-remember, I'm really slow so long runs take a lot of time. Just as an example of how busy we are right now, this Saturday we have a morning drive and brunch with some sports car buddies, which we will cut short in order to attend a wedding and reception. We will leave the reception early to make it to a Christmas party. On Sunday, Hubby leaves early for a gun show while I attend a birthday party for a nephew. I'll have to leave the party early to get ready for the Christmas party I throw every year for some friends. And we still cancelled out on a party; I just can't figure out how to fit it into the schedule. Then there's the shopping for gifts-even with our gift list cut to the bone this year, we don't seem to have time we need to shop for gifts. Everyone is getting gift cards!


Sarah said...

Wow...what a busy weekend! December always seems to have a lot going on for us and then January is quiet and COLD. Enjoy all of your parties!

BeachRunner said...

Good job squeezing a run into that busy schedule. Enjoy.

SuperDave said...

Enough with the slow stuff. If you are slow, what does that make me? haha
slower... :)