Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today is not that day

I've blogged previously about the importance of a runner's mindset to the outcome of a run. Being a slow runner, my body is usually willing to throw in the towel long before I have the miles under my feet that I want. I have to use brain power to keep the body slogging away, step by step, to meet my goals. One of the tools I often use is personal mantras. They're more than just phrases, repeated constantly. My mantras carry a very detailed picture, almost like a mental movie, that will keep me occupied and thinking positively. My favorite, for many runs, has been " the more you run it, the sooner you've done it". The mental picture attached to this one is me walking in the house after the run-the glass of oj, the shower, the pleasantly exhausted feeling in my legs.

I discovered a new mantra yesterday during my 10 miler. I really needed to do 10 miles; my last 2 long runs were dissapointing and had to be cut short. I was determined to finish this one. I was thinking about bonking and just going home and giving up. Somehow, a battle scene from a Lord of the Rings movie came to mind. I remember the king gave a stirring speech to his warriors, something about you're going to die in battle someday or something to that effect. Then he said, "Today is not that day". So I started telling myself, you will bonk. You will have bad runs that you won't complete. You will turn left and go home instead of turning right and running 10 miles. Today is not that day. I kept running that battle scene in my mind, imagining myself as a warrior-a running warrior woman who would run 10 miles today, sword in hand, battling orcs the whole way (have I mentioned that I have a very active imagination?). And I kept running, one step at a time, and I did 10 miles, telling myself constantly that today is not that day.


BeachRunner said...

Way to go Tanya. You are a warrior!

greentigress said...

Now I HAVE to watch those films again... I will look out for the scene!!! love that as a mantra!!

CJ Miller said...

Tanya! Great blog you have going there. I love the Happy Anniversary post. Life is so sweet with the right guy in it. I should know, took me 3 times to find my Loving Man! : )

Anyway, just wanted to say I loved your picture with your car! Is that a Bugeye Sprite? In my earlier life I had some cool little cars too! You might appreciate my 65 Sunbeam Tiger or my 64 Corvette!

I am an ex-Californian too! Although I grew up in Southern California - the OC to be exact.

Good luck with your running! It made me so happy to hear that some of my stories give you encouragement. Your stories do the same for me! I love the Running Warrior Woman image! I'm in!

Here is one of my Classic Mantras: February 15th is going to come no matter what. I can either sit on the couch or spend the next several months getting ready to run 26 miles on that day. Feb 15 is going to pass no matter what. It would be nice to have a 26 mile memory attached to it!

Life is short - we need to make the most of it we can!

xo to you Tanya and have a GREAT RUN!!!!

Sherri said...

neat way to keep yourself motivated.
way to go on finishing your 10 miler.

SuperDave said...

catch up on posts..
Love it! What a great mantra, and I absolutely love LOTR! I'll be doing a long run tomorrow. I'll put Eragon and that thought in my head tomorrow..