Monday, December 1, 2008


So one big holiday is over and I'm glad. The company has gone home (hi Mom!), the leftover turkey is in the freezer, and Hubby and I shared the last slice of pie straight out of the the pie tin at the kitchen counter. My house is a mess. I didn't do one bit of house work this week, and while I'm not a neat freak, I do prefer a tidy home. I realized my kitchen floor is a mess-that will be priority no. 1 today, then laundry.

I did manage to fit in a couple of short runs this week but my longest run was only 7 miles. I'm hoping to get back to 30 mpw in the next couple of weeks. I really want to focus on maintaining a good running base this winter. It's going to be hard this month; we have a lot of stuff going on in addition to the usual Christmas stuff. So I have to stay focused and keep running at the top of my to do list. I got a second pair of shoes this weekend and I can now rotate my shoes in an effort to make them last a little longer.

I'm done with turkey for a while. Today's menu will be lasagna with a nice spinach salad. And no dessert!


BeachRunner said...

Good job on the runs and shoes.

Sarah said...

I find Dec the hardest month to keep my mileage up. We are just so very busy. Enjoy your lasagna!

SuperDave said...

I agree with Sarah. December, Jan and Feb are hard to keep up the miles.
Now get to work and clean that house!

The Running Bob said...


You may appreciate this -- I prepared and cooked the turkey and, as such, I managed to insert a run a quick five mile run between basting. I've become bit obsessive about turkey and running, I suspect.