Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pawn shops and fingerprint dust

I spent today slogging around the area to pawn shops, jewelry and watch shops, anywhere I could think of with a list of my stuff in case anything gets pawned. And you have no idea how hard it is to clean up fingerprint dust. That stuff really seems to stick to things and I keep finding it when I touch things. I just opened my desk and voila! Black fingers! and somehow I've lost some really important paperwork that I should have filed and apparently didn't because it's not where it's supposed to be. I tore the house apart looking for it and when I was done the house looked almost as bad as it did after the break in. I probably threw it away.

I started the list for the insurance company and that's a wonderfully depressing task. I asked the adjuster just how I was supposed to put a value on something I've had for 20 plus years. She told me to just give it my best guess. It doesn't matter anyway because I'm not getting much back. Oh well-note to self-if I ever get nice stuff again, keep the receipt. And get a rider on the insurance policy to cover it.

I'm just in a horrible funky mood right now and I hope a good run tomorrow cures it. I ran 7 miles yesterday-barely. I think I just didn't eat enough to fuel the run and I ended up walking a lot of the last 2 miles. Tomorrow's run will be better-I can feel it and I'm really eager to get out there and just run.

I planned a funny little post regarding a comment left by my friend Bosco but I just don't have it in me right now. Maybe tomorrow after I run I will be back to my usual satirical, humorous self. This self indulgent pity party I'm throwing is getting old. If I had a friend acting like this I would tell her to get over herself and snap out of it. I think I need to take my own advice.


Sarah said...

What happenned to you was just awful...I think that feeling sad about it is normal. :( I hope you have a great run tomorrow! It seems that a great run can make even the worst things seems more manageable. Happy New Year!

greentigress said...

Don't call it a pity party or tell yourself to snap out of it!! It's a terrible thing to happen and you deserve a bad mood if you have one... for however long it takes!!
I am glad that you have your running to help you get you through the next few days
Happy New Year!!

Sherri said...

hang in there. try to get those runs in. it will help relieve the stress. hope it all works out.

Allen said...

The good news is that you still have Pugsley....