Monday, December 29, 2008


I wish I could post something today along my more usual lines-something that's more in line with my weird sense of humor. After what happened yesterday, however, I won't be smiling or cracking jokes for a while.

Our house was broken in to yesterday while we were out doing some post holiday shopping. We came home in the late afternoon to discover our sliding glass door was shattered and the house was trashed. They took a lot of stuff; some pretty valuable, some just junky stuff we had lying around. They even took the time to clean out Hubby's small change stash that he uses to get a gallon of gas for the lawn mower-maybe 10 bucks in quarters.

They took my whole jewelry box. I had some pretty good pieces and lots of cheap costume jewelry. It's not the value of the stuff that makes me sad as much as the sentimental meaning behind it-most of it was things Hubby has given me over the years. There was a small pearl ring that can't be worth much, but it was the first piece of jewelry he gave me and it's gone.

These bottom feeding cretins didn't just steal my stuff; they stole my sense of security. Now I have to shop for an alarm system for the house and I have to keep the doors locked when I'm home alone and we'll probably lock the doors even when we're both here. I knew there was crime in my little town, I just never expected to get hit myself. I suppose that's pretty naive of me-I'm just as likely to be robbed as the next guy.

The jerks took a lot of stuff that just isn't replaceable. I truly wish they had taken the tv and the computer and the dvd player; I can replace that. I can't replace the victorian sapphire ring I bought in London almost 10 years ago.

I had planned a 4 mile run today but instead I will be talking to insurance people and visiting pawn shops and coin shops in the area and giving them lists of stuff just in case my things happen to show up. And running on the treadmill is going to suck until I can replace the small tv in my bedroom-they took that too. I know I should be as positive as possible-nobody was hurt; they could have trashed the house worse; they could have set the house on fire or something. It's hard to have a positive attitude after something like this.


BeachRunner said...

So sorry to hear that you were victimized by thieves. It must be awful.

Crime can happen anywhere/anytime, but I think it is now a sign of our economic times. Just be thankful that you and hubby are safe and you have insurance. Good luck.

Marianne said...

Oh Tanya! I'm SO sorry to hear about this! I will hope that some of the stuff shows up in the pawn shops!

Sarah said...

Oh Tanya...that is just awful. I am so sorry to hear about this. I can't even imagine what you and your husband are going through. I really hope maybe you will be able to turn up some of your sentimental pieces.

Lily on the Road said...

Tanya I am so sorry to hear of your news. Bastards!

but, truly I agree with Beachy, at least you were not at home and that you have insurance.

Items are items, yes, I know, but at least you have the memories that went with them, they weren't stolen.

again I'm so sorry....

and again, Bastards!!! & they left the treadmill? (just kidding, I'm being a jerk)...

take care of yourselves!!

spirit_in_me said...

Tanya I hope you are doing ok. I can't even imagine how horrible you must be feeling but I do agree with the rest of the gang is saying thank god you two are alright. Thinking of you and hope they catch those buggers and get your stuff back.

greentigress said...

Tanya, so sorry... how horrible... I have had small things stolen but nothing in compared to this!
Losing sentimental stuff is really tough, i hope the police find some of it
I bet you can't wait to get back to running!

robison52 said...

I know exactly what you're feeling as our home was burglarized three years ago. They didn't steal much, in fact it appears that kids had robbed us due to the items that were taken...a backpack, DVD Player, bicycle helmet and bike lamp (thankfully my TREK 1000 was locked down) loose change, and snacks! Although nothing was taken that was sentamental or valuable we did feel violated.

Wife bought bars for all the windows and we always leave lights on as to make it appear someone is home.

We have friends who have alarm systems, but were still burglarized as the alarm companies always got there too late.

WendyBird said...

Big hugs to you and your Hubby. That is horrible! I hope those bottom feeders get what is coming to them!

Bosco said...

Hi Tanya,

I’m so sorry to hear this …. Ugh!
I wish they came and found you and Hubby with the guns in your hands.
I don’t know if I would shoot low or …..
Wish you and Hubby to get over this accident as soon as possible!

SuperDave said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry.
It infuriates me to know that there are thugs out there! Pieces of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm hope you find everything.

Sherri said...

oh man, that just sucks. so sorry!