Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another tempo run

I did a 45 minute tempo run today, and it wasn't too bad, with a 9:30 pace. I've noticed something interesting with tempo runs and intervals-my legs feel fine; it's my lungs that complain a bit about the pace. Could it be possible that my leg muscles have finally caught up with my heart and lungs, and the speed work is making me work harder, cardio-wise?

We saw Get Smart this afternoon. Not a bad movie, but I think it would be less entertaining if you weren't familiar with the old series. Like Sex and the City, there's a lot of inside jokes that are just funnier if you remember them from the old show. They did have the little sports car from the series in the movie, a Sunbeam Tiger. It's actually a pretty nifty sports car and one I wouldn't mind having in my garage. And there was also a Ferrari (I didn't get a good enough look at it to tell what model except I know it wasn't a Testa Rossa) and a nice little VW Karmaan Ghia. My apologies if I misspelt that...

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