Monday, June 23, 2008

Target practice

I ran a basic 30 min. tempo run today, with an average pace of 9:30; pretty fast for me. I was pleased with it and now I enter the dreaded taper phase. I hate this period because this is when I'm most likely to doubt my training, and my ability to finish the race. I will just follow the plan with a few tweaks and cross my fingers.

Hubby and I went to the rifle range for some shooting this afternoon with some friends. I prefer going with just Hubby, since I can be selfish and spend the whole time shooting while Hubby mans the spotting scope. When we go with friends, especially friends who aren't experienced shooters, I spot for them and let them do most of the shooting.

So most of the day they fired various guns and I spotted for them. Then Hubby and friends moved down range to the handgun range and I had the whole range to myself. And by that I mean I was the only person on the whole rifle range. And may I just say I did really well considering that I haven't been shooting in several months! I shot several bulls eye targets at 50 yards with my trusty Russian 22 biathlon rifle, my favorite. I had several very nice 5 shot groupings right on the bulls eye. So then, I started aiming for the 100 yard target. I kind of forgot that when I'm shooting at that distance with a 22 I need to aim pretty high. My shots were all dead center, at the bottom of the target. If someone had been there to spot for me I probably would have adjusted enough to get some good center shots.

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robison52 said...

Don't worry you won't lose any fitness during your taper, in fact, the lesser mileage will have your muscles recover and become stronger than ever before. Enjoy the taper, you earned it!!