Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family Support

Today was a rest day and I spent the whole day with my brother and his family, celebrating my nephew's 11th birthday. Remember what it felt like to be 11 years old? We went to one of those parks that offers go karts, mini golf, and a huge room filled with video games and stuff. You buy tokens, play the games, accrue tickets, then turn the tickets in for a prize. As close as I can figure it, you end up spending 40 to 50 bucks for the tokens so you can get enough tickets to win a prize worth oh, maybe 3 bucks tops. I guess it's just one of those things you do when you have kids..

On the subject of family-I've noticed that in regards to my running addiction, no one in my family is on the fence; they either support me completely and think it's cool that I run or they just don't understand and think it's boring and stupid. On the supportive side is my brother and his wife, my in-laws, and my husband, with hubby being the most supportive. Here's an examply of how completely and wholeheartedly he supports me. When I had my first 10k race last year, he was invited to a friend's house to work on a Ferrari on the same day; if I remember correctly, it was a Daytona. If you aren't a sporty car type, then you need to understand that this is kind of a huge deal. I mean we're talking a Ferrari. To put it in running terms, a Ferrari is like an olympic gold medalist of the sports car world. So I told Hubby to go to his friend's house to work on the car, and I would go to my race, and then after the race we would meet up.

Hubby insisted on going to the race, waiting around for me to finish, then hanging around to watch the awards ceremony. We went to the friend's house afterwards and got there just in time to see them roll the car back in the garage; all the wrench twisting had been completed, and Hubby missed all of it. There wasn't a single word of complaint from him. He said he would much rather go to my race than work on a Ferrari. Now that, my friends, is a supportive husband.

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