Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I did an interval workout again-real intervals, and the whole set of 6. I'm pretty pleased with my times-the fastest was an 8:08 pace, slowest being 8:38. So I guess I can do intervals. I will never like them, but I can do them. I'm really curious to see how the speed work I'm doing will translate for my half mary; whether I will be faster, of if it will just make the race easier.

I didn't run yesterday; we spent the day at Hearst Castle and then had a very nice lunch at Morro Bay. Hearst Castle had a free tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary of tours (have I mentioned I'm cheap?). The last time I went to the castle was probably 20 plus years ago when my grandfather came out to visit. It's one of those places that most locals never go to unless they have out of state company who want to see it. We got in on the first tour, then saw the movie they show about how the castle was built, then a leisurely drive down the coast to Morro Bay and lunch.

I know everybody thinks Monterey, Carmel and the like have the best coastal scenery; that area is certainly the best known. But if you're willing to drive just a little farther south, and stick to the coast, it's just as pretty and unspoiled. Towns like Cambria and Morro Bay are really fun just for walking and window shopping and not as pretentious as some areas farther north.

Anyway, we got home around 4:00, and I meant to go for a run, I really did. But after sitting around reading and playing games on my Nintendo, I thought about skipping the run and putting in a few miles on the treadmill. Then that detiorated to thinking I would skip running altogether and put in some time on the elliptical. I ended up doing none of the above, and decided that skipping what would have been just an easy run anyway was not going to ruin my training for the half.

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