Sunday, June 29, 2008

New picture!

Last night I did an easy 3 miler on the dreadmill. We spent the day running around doing errands, and I didn't get to my run until about 7 pm. But, that's why I bought the treadmill, so I could run when I dam well pleased. I'm never going to like the treadmill, but I may learn to tolerate it better. The neat thing was I watched the Olympic trials for track and field while I was running-that was kinda cool!

You've probably noticed I changed my picture. That's me with my Bugeye, Pugsley. Yes, I name my cars; it's kind of a girl thing and I've always done it, much to Hubby's embarrassment.

I've had Pugsley for about 7 years now. I've wanted one ever since I was kid. The first ride I had in a topless car was in my uncle's Bugeye, when I was 8 years old. I remember thinking that it was a brilliant idea to take the top off a car. Pugsley was pretty much a derelict when we bought him; the previous owners told us he hadn't run in 20 years and the engine was probably frozen. Hubby reached in the engine compartment and turned the pulley; when I saw it turn pretty easily I thought, hmm, that's a very good sign that the engine isn't frozen, that the pistons are moving as they we bought it. Hubby had it running within half an hour of bringing it home. Not only did the engine run, but it ran rather well for a car that had been sitting for so long. A little mechanical tweaking, a paint job and some new upholstery, and voila! We have the car you see in the picture.

When I bought Pugsley I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been in my life. Pugsley is a very tiny car and it was extremely uncomfortable for me to drive him-the steering wheel barely cleared my gut. He's a lot more fun now that I've attained my current svelte physique, and he's one of the reasons I intend to stay slender.


classemom said...

Love the new pic Tanya!
I think pugsley is a cute name! My family would just love a little car like that~it'd be so fun to drive down the beach!

Sherri said...

Hey Tanya, that's funny! Let's hope the real thing isn't near that bad. What day? I think we are running on the same day - 7/6? Where is yours?