Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gas in the tank

I was scheduled for a short 4 miler today at race pace. It sucked. I just had no energy, and it wasn't even hot out. I finished the run and came home confused and discouraged. Then I realized, of course it sucked. I skipped dinner last night and just had an apple and a glass of wine around 7 pm. And I didn't eat anything this morning before the run, just had a glass of juice. So I'm pretty much expecting my body to run on an empty tank. If I'm going to be serious about running, I have to be serious about the whole package, which includes nutrition.

I skipped dinner because I had a huge excellent lunch with my mom. We had fish tacos; grilled and with just a hint of lemon. Really tasty!

I'm either going for another run tonight when it cools down or I'll do the elliptical. I don't feel like I got much of a workout today..


robison52 said...

Yup, food is our fuel, if you have no gas in the tank you'll be puttering with no energy. Carbs are our premium fuel...our nutrition should be around 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% healthy fats. Your grilled fish tacos sounds fantastic!! Fish is a great low fat, lean protein food, and I've read some runners eat fish the day before a marathon instead of the typical pasta dinner.

Ellen said...

Hi Tanya!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I skip meals, too. I'm a recovering anorexic and exercise bulemic - I hate food - yet I love the taste. I never work out with food in my body in the am.

Grilled fish is my very favorite food - good food I can eat a ton of.

Hey - be friends with me and you won't be last place for sure. I did 2 miles in 27 minutes this morning. LOL