Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shooting and running

Today was a rest day, so no miles to post. We went to San Luis Obispo for the day, and foolish, vain woman that I am, I chose to wear heels. My feet are killing me and I have a big blister on my heel. But the shoes are so cute and they look fantastic with jeans. This is very out of character for me, I usually go for comfort rather than style.

I recently went shooting, something I love almost as much as I love running. It's probably the most relaxing thing I do, and a good day of shooting has an almost zen quality. When you are target shooting, you are forced to let go of everything in your mind except the task at hand. It's simply about you, the gun, and the target. You have to listen carefully to your breathing, and try to squeeze the trigger between breathes; and yet you have to be careful not to hold your breath. You must be aware of the wind, especially when you shoot a 22 as I do. Pull the trigger when a gust of wind comes up and your shot goes awry. And when you do well, and every shot goes exactly where you want it to go, it's magic! It's a lot like a really good run..

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