Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Run

Today was a dissapointing long run. I did 10 miles and bonked somewhere around 6. The last 4 miles was a run/walk with a very sad pace of 13 minute miles. This is scaring me-if I can't do 10 miles, how am I going to complete the half marathon I just signed up for on July 5? I just have to keep reminding myself-the worst thing that can happen in the race is that I crash and burn and do a lot of walking. I can still complete the race. I just really want to get a decent time, since I'm using this half mary to qualify for the Disney half marathon next year. I can still enter the Disney race, but if I don't have a qualifying time in another half, they will put me in the last corral. Of course, I'm so slow that I could still be in the last corral anyway...


The Running Bob said...


The brown sugar pork chops have an interesting blend and aren't sweet at all. I found the recipe here,1977,FOOD_9936_904,00.html

I'll try posting the link on my website as well.

The ricotta cheese with salmon doesn't sound appealing, especially as I'm not a ricotta cheese fan -- kind of a bland, filler ingredient.

Glad to see you're running. I haven't been back to the pages in awhile.

Have a race tomorrow and need to get to sleep.


robison52 said...

We all have bad runs when nothing comes together and we end up bonking, treat it as what it is, a bad run and keep pushing to be better. Don't be too concerned about race day, your endorphins and excitement will push you farther than you think you can, it's what I call Race Day Magic!!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

I haven't been around for awhile, but decided to visit AND found my way to you're page! I also had a dissappointing long 10 miler, but then you have to remember all the really good races you have had.

The race day magic that bruce mentioned is so true. I have recentely found out that my fellow runners on the day of my first half marathon thought I was done at the 10k point, but the 'race day magic' and endorphins carried me to the finish!

You'll do fine! Relax and have fun!:)

P.S. July's kinda hot to do a half marathon isn't it?

The Running Bob said...

As race day approaches, I think we're all subject to doubtful thoughts. I'm going through the same thing now with a marathon in August and just don't feel I could run it today. Maybe that the point - not today but after completing the training schedule and race day excitement/crowds will propel me. Keep up the good work and it's okay to have doubts, just don't dwell on them and side track your training. Most importantly, have FUN!